Our Services

For years, DP-TV has been shooting, editing, and producing creative cinematic stories for people, corporations, and networks all over the world while building a solid reputation in the process. Storytelling is our passion and it shows in everything we produce. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard of production value across all media and production services. From the creative process of pre-production to the final touches of post-production, we work closely with our clients to ensure their complete satisfaction. Consistency and reliability in creating your vision.


Your vision starts in pre-production where we create your story and financially plan your project within your budget. Our pre-production service starts with a meeting with you to brainstorm and to gather information on what your project should be. We will work closely with you until your vision is sculptured into a scripted form.


Production is where we start bringing your vision to life. We assemble a highly experienced team of industry professionals who will work endlessly on turning your vision into a video reality. We encourage you to be on the set with us so that you may give us your valuable input and approve every shot.


Post-Production is the process of piecing everything together into a final cut. Our skilled team of editors, audio and graphic experts will use their creative skills to enhance your vision and make your project shine. We understand your vision and through our hard work and creative passion we will deliver your message through a high quality video.