Our Crew

We all know what we are doing, and we are REALLY good at it. Here are a few things that you may not have known about us.

Charles Rudnick
Executive Producer / Director

Luckily when 'the bomb' dropped in Hiroshima, Japan, Charles was safe at home with his baby bottle in North Carolina. After surviving the politically charged counter culture of UC Berkeley in the 60's, Charles spent the next decade traveling the world as a Documentary Filmmaker for KQED. This was great training for his biggest project ever, raising 5 girls. Think of it, that's 5 weddings he is on the hook for.

Leonard Nelson
Producer / Editor

Leonard started playing the Trombone in the 4th grade, and has matured this childhood passion into a love for Jazz music. He’s got a regular spot playing a gig at a local Jazz Club. Leonard also love’s to go hiking on the trails of Yosemite National park with his two Dalmatians, Spot and Spice. He usually makes it back to camp safely,,, usually.

Louis Karim

Not only is Louis the most stylish and fashionable of our producers, he also speaks four languages. That’s right, FOUR! And it really helps when he is visiting friends in France, Italy and the Middle East. In fact, Louis is there so much he has become a distinguished expert in French lifestyle, art and design, as well as a connoisseur of fine food and pastries. If that didn’t keep him busy enough, in his spare time Louis enjoys swimming, biking and basically any outdoor activity. Pretty much the only thing keeping him inside would be his passion for Formula 1 Motorsports. We love shooting with Louis because of his unique aesthetic sense and eye for details.

Dallas Huston
Director and Director of Photography

That’s right, we call him Dallas Huston, even though he was born with the given name of Michael in Keynsham, England. Dallas has dual citizenship, which means he can work in Europe if you have any clients there. Dallas has a great love for the ocean, and all creatures in it, especially sharks. His wife is more of a turtle lover. If you happen to have a need for an underwater camera guy in a shark cage, surrounded by great white sharks, Dallas is your guy. He is still trying to check that one off his bucket list.

Branson Tarr
Director of Photography

Branson Tarr comes to us from Missoula, Montana, that’s way up there in those Northern Rockies. It’s very pretty country, but is sure gets cold up there. So if it looks like he’s runnin’ HOT, that’s just because it’s too darn warm here down here on the coast! Branson is the staff dog lover and gets along well with most all animals, (TV Producers Notwithstanding). So, if you need a steady DP who’s not adverse to getting bit a bit, or just lightly chomped on, Branson is your guy.
Oh wait, spiders, yeah, Branson REALLY doesn’t like Spiders.

Robert Fitzgerald
Director of Photography

Rob starting driving at the age of 16 in Denver, Colorado. Because of all the snow, he decided to buy a Saab, known for their superior handling in bad weather. He is one of the few people outside of Sweden who have only owned a Saab, he’s had at least 4 or 5 by now. Rob also shares a passion for music, in the off hours you can find him keeping the beat by banging the drums in a Punk band. Please rest assured though, he leaves the leather and spikes at home while shooting.

Bryan Baeta
Field Audio Technician

Bryan made it through the ranks of the Boy Scouts of America, and graduated as an Eagle Scout. This ‘living off the land’ mentality has blossomed into a love for everything outdoors. You can regularly find him trying to free his stuck 4x4 from a mud bog or snow drift. In his spare time, Bryan like’s to create and build little gadgets that we never even knew we needed. As we say, ‘Bryan has boxes that do stuff’.

Keenan Jensen
Field Audio Technician

Keenan crew up racing BMX bikes in the dirt. He still rides today, only the bikes are a little bigger. Street tricks are his current passion. No scooters or skateboards here, just big bikes for big kids. He also likes to keep reptiles as pets. Snakes, Iguanas and Lizards are all friends to Keenan. After work, Keenan like to relax by cooking a gourmet meal. Get your taste buds ready, he might bring leftovers tomorrow.

Torence Brown
Field Audio Technician

When Torence was five years old, his father lied about his age to get him enrolled early on the local Baseball team. This has lead to a lifelong passion of all things sporting. After graduating college, Torrence's first job was with one of those vacation travel shows. He actually got paid to visit exotic and remote vacation spots. Why he still isn't doing that I will never understand. However, we are happy, and very lucky, to have him on our team.